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One response to “Jury Awards Apple a Giga-Buck”

  1. James Fox

    I really like Apple a lot! Yet, I think this column may be a bit of an over reach. You can disagree with your points and still support robust protection of intellectual property.

    Patents are not the issue in itself. It is the type and scope of patents being awarded for things that are really a stylistic variation of prior art. These too are proected via trademarks and copyrights. Maybe the pinch and bouncing scroll is novel technology. I respectfully submit that flat black square devices are not. Should the devices not mimic each other and confuse the consumer and give Samsung a free ride on Apple’s marketing? Of course. Calling it a novel design patent is “to advance the prior art.” the big complaint from Apple is arguably comparable to someone copying an auto’s body style.

    The question here is would we have let someone patent that only they could uabe the accelerator of a car be on the right side and block others for 17 years? That chaos would kill real innovation and the right side position using the feet was a DIRECT and documented descendent of how one controlled a horse.

    Thin square black panels (touchscreens) have been around. Pinch, bouncing scroll are technology innovations in how they are implemented, but are these motions themselves completely novel in use not the technology? Not really since 5 minutes on YouTube will show both of those in the public domain many years before the iPhone. Not saying I am all right and you are all wrong but one can disagree with your position and stil be accused of reasoned and “logical” thinking. 🙂