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Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd, formerly Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC where his group covered CRM, EA, PPM, PLM, SCM, cloud and SaaS, pricing and licensing, and software partners, channels and alliances.

3 responses to “The Skills Gap; Building a Social Business”

  1. Andy Jankowski (@andyjankowski)

    Hi Michael, This is the best articulation of the current Social Business Consulting landscape I have read to date. At some point if you have time, I would like to get your thoughts on what we are doing at Enterprise Strategies. We are only a start-up and are in no position to compete with IBM, but we have taken the approach of designing the company as a social business from the ground up and assembling a handful of senior industry professionals who have delivered ESNs and social business components at their previous employers — to fill the enterprise experience strategy and planning gap you reference above. Thanks again for the great post and best of luck to you and all who are working to fill these gaps.

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