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Industry Analyst, Consultant and author, former programmer, systems analyst with 25 years experience. Spent three years in Europe as an industry analyst and as Correspondent for Information Week and other industry publications. Regularly consults with leading public and private enterprise software, database, and infrastructure companies. An award-winning columnist for leading IT and business magazines, Josh is widely quoted in the trade and business press and he blogs at Enterprise Matters.

2 responses to “, Enterprise Platforms, and the End of the End of Software”

  1. ajai nair (@nairajai)

    Not sure Salesforce it the model anyone really wants to follow.

    Up time? Our SLA 99.999 and if their not, well they will try harder next time.

    Upgrades? We will do upgrades when we want, and customers, you have no input.

    Integration? We don’t need no integration, Just drop everything and go with Salesforce.

    Busy Month? Tough we have a maintenance window, and you have to live with the outage

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