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Industry Analyst, Consultant and author, former programmer, systems analyst with 25 years experience. Spent three years in Europe as an industry analyst and as Correspondent for Information Week and other industry publications. Regularly consults with leading public and private enterprise software, database, and infrastructure companies. An award-winning columnist for leading IT and business magazines, Josh is widely quoted in the trade and business press and he blogs at Enterprise Matters.

One response to “iPads, Consumption and Creation, and the Future of Enterprise Software”

  1. StoryDesk (@StoryDesk)

    While we agree that the iPad isn’t a panacea for all business problems, as you alluded to in the article, we’ve found that it is a powerful sales tool. This is primarily due to the interactive nature of iPad applications which leads to better customer engagement and the fact that the iPad facilitates a bidirectional communication loop between the salesperson and the customer or the marketer and consumer. After working with more than 1,000 clients across an array of industries, we’ve found the iPad + Content Management System to be well suited to enable a sales force to mobilize, centralize and present all its sales collateral in an elegant and interactive fashion in such a way that was impossible even a decade ago.
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