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3 responses to “Is Salesforce the new Oracle? Does it matter?”

  1. jasonlkn

    IMHO everything but the Marketing Cloud is really just an extension of Salesforce. Okta and others will remain more cross-app/cross-platform (and not require Salesforce credentials); Chatterbox will really only work if you use Chatter; and, starting from almost scratch, is probably something more than an experiment but less than a true new core initiative. Only the MarketingCloud seems like a true extension beyond the core to me at least.

  2. Rick S.

    Thanks for the interesting read. I’m a big fan of Geoffrey Moore and I’ve been reading a lot about his thoughts on cloud computing lately. He’s had a back and forth exchange with someone else about coud computing on his new LinkedIn INfluencers account. Here is a link if you are curious:

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