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4 responses to “Peak Oil, Global Warming and Business”

  1. MrEnergyCzar

    Well said Denis… of course lower EROEI for new oil compounds the problem even more…


  2. The Universe (@UniverseWeAre)

    “…find another way to propel our cars.”

    Or make cars mostly unnecessary.

  3. evsroll

    Nice graph and good point. Notice also that at the end of the day big money tends to steer a lot of big oil business matters no matter what country you are in.

    A better move is towards solar. The amount of solar energy hitting the earth in 40 minutes equals about one year’s worth of world energy use!

    Try an EV.


  4. Adam Grant

    A related question is how dependent the cost of coal is on the cost of oil. While coal is an energy source in its own right, it can’t be used directly in most existing coal extraction equipment, or for transporting the coal to its point of use.