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7 responses to “Predictions for 2010: Chris Selland’s List”

  1. Bill Hicks

    “NetSuite wonders why Oracle didn’t buy them and instead merges with RightNow Technologies.”

    LOL!!! I love reading this kind of stuff because the average person has no idea of either of these companies. If they only know how far off base you are they could discard the rest of your predictions (and you) as useless.


    Hey – here’s my predictions for next year.

    – It will be sunny some days.
    – It will rain others.
    – Apple will be on people’s radar.
    – Wall Street will have great bonuses.
    – The moon will still exists.


  2. John Shaull

    At the rate things are going, maybe LinkedIn acquires MWW.

  3. Ted Simpson

    I am watching Workday closely. I’ll be watching this prediction (if not for 2010 then for 2011):

    * Oracle acquires Workday and Larry Ellison announces that he finally has cloud ‘religion’ now that buyers are fully engaged.

    He made an interesting comment recently regarding cloud computing and their direction post-Sun acquisition:

    “We are also going to be building clusters of industry standard machines and SPARC machines. Those clusters are now called private clouds. That is the more fashionable term for clusters. We are using our software, our operating systems, both Solaris and Oracle Enterprise Linux, our virtualization, the ability to dynamically allocate and de-allocate resources which is essential for cloud computing as well as the integrated networking and integrated storage to deliberately complete private cloud to our customers. Our customers will be able to buy high end SMP machines, high performance and high value for high-end private clouds with all of the pieces including processing, storage and networking integrated together with Oracle/Sun software.” LE, – Oracle FY2010 Q2 Earnings Call, December 17, 2009 (

    It is worth the time to do a side-by-side comparison of Workday and recent Fusion applications demos from Open World — in terms of functionality, usability, and BP flow there are quite a few similarities.

    Thank you for the predictions — they certainly got us thinking. Have a great 2010!

  4. Abhishek

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