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CMO at SecureAuth Corporation. Previously VP Marketing at NowSecure, Knurld, Ping Identity, VP Business Develoment at Get Satisfaction, CEO at Teqlo and General Partner at SAP Ventures.

4 responses to “Content Management in the Social Age”

  1. don rua (@donrua)

    One of the most profound benefits of a “social intranet” is the exposing and discoverability of 1000’s of “small solutions”. Every time someone interrupts a co-worker to say “Where can I find…” or “How do I…”, can translate well to a socially connected workforce where answers can come back immediately, rated, saved, repurposed, questions can find expertise for you, answers can predict your needs and find you based on past behaviors. The combination of social and effective use of metadata is transforming knowledge sharing.

  2. Jeff Nolan

    the metadata is particularly important because unstructured content becomes less discoverable as the quantity increases.

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