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6 responses to “Self-Driving Cars and Unwritten Rules”

  1. Brad Templeton

    Is it the end of the world if you get there a couple of minutes slower if you’re reading a book while the car drives?

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  3. Francis Govers, self-driving car designer

    So we need to program the cars to be as rude as the human drivers? It’s possible to have the self-driving car have very little distance to the car ahead – since most of that space is for human reaction time and in-attention. Robot cars are making decisions 15 times a second and never take their mind off the road.

  4. Yuhuan Cai

    This problem can be addressed by regulation, just like HOV line. The new regulation can be it is illegal for huamn drivers to pass the self-driving car.

  5. Lachlan

    put enough of the self-driving cars on the road and the whole situation will be reversed. Assuming that drivers will be allowed to control their vehicles in congested areas, most of the vehicles, self-driving, will maintain both a moderate/steady speed and safe distance from each other, and those who think that surges in speed and erratic lane changing accomplishes anything except for increasing the risk of harm to themselves and others, will be left to navigate the spaces between self-driving cars, and probably end up in wrecks with other non-automatic vehicles. Meanwhile the self-driving cars, having maintained a safe enough distance to avoid such crashes, will arrive safely at their destinations, if not perhaps a minute or two after they might have with human drivers, assuming of course they didn’t wreck on the way!

  6. Calgary Drivers Education

    I think self driving cars are the future