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    […] the end of its Journey to the Cloud, will an enterprise still be running its own data […]

  2. Blog :: Scribe Software » Best of CRM: February 1st

    […] The Journey to the Cloud By: Basab Pradhan (@basabp) With cloud and SaaS providers gaining momentum, this article predicts a major trend over the next decade, which, as the title gives away, is the enterprise journey to the cloud. Basab describes the importance of the cloud both for its potential value and its disruptive nature – essentially stemming from the massive advantage of scale that enterprise SaaS providers have over on-premise solutions, and the shift in control from IT to business professionals. Enterprises won’t be able to compete with SaaS companies that run data centers as the core of their business, and slowly but surely, they will adopt cloud solutions for their IT needs. […]

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    […] impact of the cloud on enterprise IT would be disruptive, transformative and massive. Amidst this Journey to the Cloud lay great opportunity—for our clients as well as for us as a service provider. For the IT […]

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    […] Oil Cooled Servers – The beginning of the year is a good time to prognosticate. So here is my prediction – not just for the year, but for the whole decade. This decade in Enterprise IT is going to be mostly about the Journey to the Cloud. Enterprise IT faces a raft of technology …  […]