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Well-known CRM analyst and thought leader, Denis has made contributions to our thinking about cloud computing, CRM, social media, analytics and mobility. He runs the Beagle Research Group, LLC and is the author of "Solve for the Customer", "You Can't Buy Customer Loyalty, But You Can Earn It", and recently, "The Age of Sustainability". He frequently contributes to this and other outlets. Check out, and

3 responses to “Customer Experience Redux”

  1. Scott Heitland

    Nice article, Denis.

    CX is such a complex animal, and there are a lot of components that go into it, as you know. The right technologies, processes, systems, etc. are all critical.

    One thing I know for sure is that organizations will have difficulty creating great experiences for their customers unless and until the behaviors and actions of all employees align with the organization’s vision for the customer experience. Employees have be shown what to do and how to do it. From what I’ve seen and experienced, employees generally WANT to perform better, they WANT to improve, they just don’t know how.

    There is a particular set of skills, methods, techniques, and even more important, attitudes and behaviors that need to be learned, then coached, coached, coached on the job. It just can’t (and won’t) happen as a result of a one-time seminar, or off-the-shelf standardized training program for 2 or 4 hours, etc. It may take a week or two of consistent coaching before the new skills work their way into the customer interactions on a regular basis, and it takes follow-up and the right kind of performance management system to keep it going.

    And the front-line employees are not the only ones who need it. Supervisors, quality assurance, team leaders and yes, even managers need to learn and know the skills well enough to be able to coach them to the front-line on a daily basis and keep it all alive. They also need to be on board (supportive) at a high level, which takes the right kind of leadership skills. Without that, no improvement effort can be effective for more than a short period of time. I would submit that any meaningful performance improvement initiative for customer service/customer experience will die a certain death eventually without the support of leadership, from the C-suite on down.

    Look at how companies like Amazon or Zappos approach, train, implement and support their customer service / customer experience. It’s a thing of absolute beauty, and their efforts reap huge bottom line rewards for them. Moreover, from what I understand, those companies are simply awesome places to work. Everybody wins – company, employees and customers!

  2. Niels Delater (@nielsdelater)

    Hi Denis, I liked that one: “CX is like that, it’s in the eye of the beholder.”

    And the beholders are often willingly to share straight away what the like or don’t like from their personal experience, but we still don’t have that in place. I say it to the nicely smiling waitress – but the message will never reach any database, big data or BI driven manager decision.

    From my point of view, getting connected in a more personal way to the company itself is already a plus for customer experience.

    Thanks for your good article! Its an inspiration to go on doing, what we do.

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