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Well-known CRM analyst and thought leader, Denis has made contributions to our thinking about cloud computing, CRM, social media, analytics and mobility. He runs the Beagle Research Group, LLC and is the author of "Solve for the Customer", "You Can't Buy Customer Loyalty, But You Can Earn It", and recently, "The Age of Sustainability". He frequently contributes to this and other outlets. Check out, and

One response to “Salesforce Back in the Apple with a New Message”

  1. Blog :: Scribe Software » Best of CRM: March 1st, 2013

    […] Salesforce Back in the Apple with a New Message By: Denis Pombriant (@DenisPombriant) At its annual winter meeting, Salesforce announced new messaging and positioning to move beyond the early-adopters phase of Social CRM and start pursuing the early-majority. With Social CRM success from companies like General Electric, Toyota, and others, Salesforce has proven the potential of Social CRM. Marc Benioff also gave advice on common sense (but often unfollowed) things to do to improve the customer experience. […]