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Well-known expert on why IT projects fail, CEO of Asuret, a Brookline, MA consultancy that uses specialized tools to measure and detect potential vulnerabilities in projects, programs, and initiatives. Also a popular and prolific blogger, writing the IT Project Failures blog for ZDNet.

3 responses to “Enterprise software and the curse of vendor sameness”

  1. Russell Rothstein

    Great post Michael! I’ve also heard a lot from IT managers that they find it difficult to differentiate among vendors who all sound the same. Vendor white papers, presentations, and case studies often say that the product can do everything for everyone. And so IT buyers can’t really understand which vendors are best suited to their particular needs and use cases.

    What IT managers really want is:
    • Unbiased information from real users
    • Direct access to others who have already gone through the selection process
    • An easy way to create a vendor short list

    After years of hearing this need, I co-founded a site for IT professionals to enable them to research and share information about enterprise IT products and services. It’s called IT Central Station ( and I’ll be interested in your feedback.

    Russell Rothstein
    Co-Founder and CEO
    IT Central Station (

  2. Luis Carrasco (@nodoTIC)

    I’d love a similar article on the Web sites of the big ERP partners/Integrators 🙂

  3. jamie

    I actually used this app to create some word clouds…it’s GREAT!