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One response to “Facebook Home is not these 5 Things from the Past”

  1. Alan (@AlanMorrison)


    I like where you’re heading with this post. iGoogle is useful for several reasons, one of which is that the UX really is live, in the sense that the widgets change when the news feeds update. By contrast, the Chrome start page (at least the basic one) is dead because it just consists of app icons.

    For that same reason, smartphones have dead UXes too, until you launch a well-designed app or use iOS alerts to liven iOS up.

    Part of what you seem to imply is that the home page UXes just being mindlessly pushed to users don’t gain adoption. So is the goal misplaced? What if the UX were designed to encourage users to play with it, to mold it into something both familiar and adaptive? The multi-touch interface would seem to lend itself to that sort of attempt.

    Inside the enterprise, malleability and liveliness of the home UX would seem to have even more potential–drag and drop a feed on the home UX about a priority client engagement, next to a Twitter feed on a co-sponsored event that week, next to a travel claim that’s open to where you need it for your final input on the final travel day….

    One challenge must be how to make this dead simple for users. Another must be how to address the ongoing competition between vendors for your attention. Each of them wants that home real estate.