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2 responses to “FCC admits CableCARD a failure”

  1. Bryant Michaud


    I agree, cablecards have not been a dazzling success, but I love mine. The video quality on my Panasonic 42-inch plasma is MUCH crisper than it was with Comcast’s set-top DVR with an HDMI interface.

    Here’s why: The digital signal remains digital throughout the reception process; it is NOT converted into an analog signal in the set-top box and then re-converted into a digital signal again for the HDMI output.

    And not paying the rental fee for the DVR is an added bonus, unless you’re wedded to that contraption.

    Now if the FCC could only do something about the ripoff of charging for every digital drop in your home. Analog drops (no matter how many) have been free for years. At 12 dollars on average for these drops, it’s nothing more than a slippery revenue raiser.

  2. jeff Nolan

    Drop comcast and get Directv, buy yourself a Samsung or LG LED backlit display and hold on… you’ll think again about calling what you have today “crisp”.

    Also, as far as I know at no point is a digital signal being converted into analog when you are connecting a set top box to a digital source and HDMI output. The box is decompressing the signal and providing a 2 way access, as well as caching of program guides and providing messaging functions and other optional services.