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Founder, Managing Principal, The 56 Group, LLC, author of several best-selling books, including CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers, but most importantly known as the Grandfather of CRM.

2 responses to “Microsoft Convergence 2013: crossing the t’s; dotting the i’s”

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    […] Microsoft Convergence 2013: crossing the t's; dotting the i'sEnterprise IrregularsFor those of you who don't know who that is, he is something of a technology legend in the CRM world, being the strategic architect (not the technical one) of Siebel and of the first true SAP CRM release: SAP CRM 2007. He has been tasked at Microsoft …and more […]

  2. Blog :: Scribe Software » Best of CRM: April 20th

    […] Microsoft Convergence 2013: Crossing the T’s; Dotting the I’s By: Paul Greenberg (@pgreenbe) Although Microsoft Convergence ended a month ago, Paul’s post on the show contains a thorough recap and valuable takeaways. In agreement with other Convergence attendees, Paul writes that this year Microsoft focused more on the customer experience and business value delivered through their solutions, rather than previous years of UI/UX focus. Major takeaways from this year’s Convergence conference include greater importance placed on Dynamics and Dynamics CRM as a part of Microsoft’s overall product/service offerings, Bob Stutz’s important role bringing Dynamics CRM into the 21stcentury, and Microsoft’s acquisition and integration of Marketing Pilot and Netbreeze. Paul’s primary advice to Microsoft at this point is to fully integrate their new acquisitions into the Dynamics product offering to truly bring their solutions into the 21st century, where collaboration and instant data access represent prerequisites to success, not added bonuses. […]