Big Data by the numbers

data-pic-300x300I tend to be a bit wary of vendor surveys of technology trends – they tend to be self serving in the  scope of industries/countries they cover. But when I saw this TCS study of Big Data at over 1,200 companies I glanced through it.

It’s nicely done with more of a payback, opportunity and challenge focus by industry, process and geography, not a HANA this and Hadoop  that discussion.

Some of the findings:

“Four industries — telecom, travel-related, high tech, and
banking/fi nancial services – told us they spend much more than the median on Big Data. So what
do these industries have in common? For one, they have high numbers of customer
interactions (especially online). In addition, according to our data, three of them
generate higher than average percentages of revenue from Internet orders.”

“US, India, UK and Mexican Companies are More Likely to Have Big Data Initiatives”

“On the dimension of structure, 55% of leaders’ data is unstructured or semi-structured vs. 45% of laggards. And 37% of leaders’ data is external vs. internal. For laggards, that percentage is 26%.”

“The eight most highly rated functional activities are:

  • Identifying customers with the most potential or actual value (sales)
  • Monitoring product quality (R&D)
  • Monitoring product shipments (logistics)
  • Identifying customer needs for new products and product enhancements (R&D)
  • Identifying customers at risk of defecting (customer service)
  • Determining marketing campaign eff ectiveness (marketing)
  • Pinpointing where inventory is disappearing (logistics)
  • Identifying spikes in logistics costs (logistics)”

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