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CEO of Deal Architect, a top advisory boutique recognized in The Black Book of Outsourcing, author of a widely praised book on technology enabled innovation, The New Polymath, prolific blogger, writing about technology-enabled innovation at New Florence, New Renaissance and about waste in technology at Deal Architect.  Previously Analyst  at Gartner, Partner with PwC Consulting. Keynoted at many business and technology conferences and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Financial Times, CIO Magazine, and other executive and technology publications.

3 responses to “HPthe other transformation”

  1. Opsa

    It’s easy to copy from press releases, right ?

  2. Alfred

    so what? There are more complex organizations in the world. How does the puzzle fit together and support strategy?

  3. vinnie mirchandani

    Alfred, not too many such complex companies (go see how many companies are $ 100 bn plus in revenue a year, operate in 170 countries etc) and few are getting the negative press HP is getting. Part of the reason to showcase was to show under all the seeming turmoil, operations are being revisited and at significant scale. How does the puzzle fit together would take a book given all the changes at HP 🙂

    Opsa, yes my book cited in the blog was written from cutting and pasting press releases:) I rarely use press releases – interviews, conversations with other industry watchers, briefings from vendors and many other sources contribute to my research.