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4 responses to “How Cloud Integration Is Defining The Future of CRM”

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  2. Matthew Hardesty

    The growth in demand for Cloud CRM is apparent. Based on my recent research, the industry leaders seem to be targeting enterprise customers and midsize businesses. Although SalesForce has recently expanded its service to try and gain small business appeal, the prices are still somewhat high for startups.

    I’ve written an article about how Google could easily step into the market to help meet the demand for a Cloud CRM by small businesses & startups. Check it out here: What’s your opinion on the subject of whether Google should expand into the CRM market and compete with SalesForce, Oracle, & Microsoft?

  3. Louis Columbus

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your time reading this blog, and for the link to your post regarding Google moving into CRM. They certainly have the depth of engineering expertise and agile software development processes to excel in building a CRM system.

    I am not sure they will in the near-term however due to these data points:

    1. They are due for a $18B quarter any time now – and that is the size of the worldwide annual CRM market shown at the link below. I think they are looking for larger opportunities than CRM as a result:

    2. I’ve spoken with Google engineering teams who were supporting their highly profitable advertising business and when they didn’t find a CRM system that fit their needs, they built one of their own . So they already have one, it is a matter of packaging it up and launching it. I don’t think they want to get that far into the apps business.

    3. The goal for Google right now is contextual search & advertising, which will make search as useful on Google Glass as it is in your car, in addition to any other platform. They are going after changing how the world thinks – and from the people I’ve met who work there, I believe they will.

    I think the bottom line is that Google thinks very differently than an Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and especially Microsoft. It’s a very unique culture and way of doing product development and I think they have their focus on making apps and technologies that are life-changing and have the 10X disruption factor their founders like to mention often.

    Best Regards,


  4. Abbas Javed

    HI Louis,

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