Larry Ellison Unveils Fusion 1.0

Here are the basics:

Version 1.0 includes the following modules:


Human Capital Management

Sales and marketing


Project portfolio management



Notably, there is no manufacturing module. So the focus will be on the service industries.

Also notable: Each of these individual components will be deployable in a SOA architecture as standalone modules attached to an existing non-Fusion application suite, such as eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, and, as Larry made a point of pointing out, SAP.

The other highlight is the user experience. It’s a pretty good looking system, having seen it under NDA (which has now blissfully been lifted).  I’ve seen a fair amount of it, more than Larry will be showing at Open World, unless everyone stays there through dinner. It’s definitely a beautifully designed  system.

More to follow.

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