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6 responses to “Salesforce and ExactTarget in Deal”

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  2. freedman1

    Clearly this acquisition changes the marketing automation marketplace dynamics. You correctly identify the tight product integration but lose business relationship between salesforce and marketo. Salesforce chose not to pay a premium for a market leader, but got some strong products, valuable assets and talented staff.

    Every acquisition I read about, this one included, I shake my head and think “wow, they paid a lot of money for that.” Kudos to the ExactTarget (and Pardot) management team who are looking pretty smart (and a lot wealthier) right now.

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  4. Mike Volpe (@mvolpe)

    It is great to have big respected companies in the marketing software space!

    The challenge for Marketo in this situation is that 80-90% of their customers are integrated with Salesforce. If they sell to SAP, then Salesforce will shut off their connector because SAP is a competitor, and then Marketo loses almost all their customers making them much less valuable to SAP. On the other hand, Marketo should be able to remain independent. Salesforce does not typically shut people out of integrating with them except for the really big competitors like Oracle and SAP. For instance, Salesforce bought Assistly (now and there is still a ZenDesk / Salesforce connector. However it is not listed in the AppExchange public directory because Salesforce won’t promote it.

    As far as the future of Salesforce, it will be interesting to see if they can integrate the 5 different and disconnected marketing apps they have (core CRM database, Exact Target, Pardot, Buddy Media and Radian6) into a good customer experience.

  5. DenisPombriant (@DenisPombriant)

    Turn off their connector? Didn’t think you could do that in a free market, especially one that depends on all kinds of interconnections. IF Salesforce were to pull a stunt like that it would send a chill throughout the market and likely damage their brand significantly.

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