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5 responses to “No Fault Divorce?”

  1. JB

    It’s still there, you just need to know how to google… “marketo private appexchange listing”

  2. Christophe Primault

    I am glad that you are raising this issue as we have been trumpeting for years at GetApp the importance of a vendor independent marketplace for business apps. I am pretty sure that the AppExchange team would prefer to be agnostic and comprehensive. To be fair to them they mostly are and making a competitive offer less visible in their marketplace seems reasonable to me.

    BTW, it happens that we just released Marketo on GetApp and wrote a review about the product:

    It is an amazing marketing automation product and so will be Salesforce combined with Exact Target. What is of paramount importance is to let businesses discover all options.


  3. Mike Volpe (@mvolpe)

    Salesforce is a platform company for sure, and a company we all should (ad do) admire greatly for their vision and execution. But there are limits to their platform inclusiveness (everyone has limits!). The Eloqua listing on AppExchange is hidden just like Marketo because Eloqua is part of Salesforce’s enemy, Oracle. On the other hand, HubSpot still has a great relationship with Salesforce. Someone from HubSpot talks to someone from Salesforce every single day. Our listing in the AppExchange is untouched, and we have over 150 reviews averaging 4.7 out of 5. And it is not just HubSpot, many other marketing software providers are still listed on AppExchange – even folks that compete directly with Exact Target, Pardot and Marketo. So maybe the question is… what about Marketo has put them on Salesforce’s bad side?

    Could it be that Marketo is declaring war on Salesforce? The Marketo CEO is saying things like “We’re never been good friends with Salesforce” ( This strategy kind of surprises me that they are biting the hand that feeds them – over 80% of Marketo customers are integrated with Salesforce – and I wonder what Marketo has planned for the future for their customers and potential customers and if they have really thought this strategy through with their customers in mind?

  4. Chris Purpura

    I think it’s clear that the Applications run the show, not Platform, and certainly not AppExchange. It may be that as SFDC moves from being Best of Breed to the SAP like ‘all in one” they love to hate, that their ecosystem will need to become less open and more ‘privileged’. I think this only makes sense if they continue to grow through M&A. It’s a delicate balancing act. At some level all ‘gorillas’ eat some portion of their ecosystem, the trick is to have the ecosystem move “up the value stack” to keep it growing. Oracle did this to it’s ecosystem starting back in the 1990’s. It’s what billion dollar growth tech companies do. The SFDC ecosystem needs to adjust accordingly.

  5. Alex Brown

    The rapidly evolving B2B tech environment is prompting moves like this. Instead of acrimony, each company should focus itself on providing its customers with best-in-breed service and support. For most SMBs, that’s what it comes down to as evidenced here: Good analogy to “The Commisar Vanishes”!