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Co-Founder and CEO of EchoSign from inception through tens of millions in cash-flow positive SaaS revenue and acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc. Jason then served as Vice President, Web Services at Adobe, where EchoSign was named the most successful acquisition of 2011-12, posting 199% YoY growth.

3 responses to “Your #1 Sales Rep Should Be Driving an M6 Convertible By Month 12. (And Not Buying a Panerai Watch.)”

  1. Jeff Nolan

    I take your post in the spirit it was intended but honestly a desirable Panerai is going to set you back more than $10k. A decent 8 day GMT Luminor or Radiomir will easily be $20k, unless you go with platinum or red/rose gold which adds another $10-15k, and a limited, such as a Luminor 1950 Rattrapante will run about $50k. If the guy shows up with a grand complication on his wrist, let’s say a Franck Muller as a representative example, he would be wearing the equivalent of 4 luxury automobiles on his wrist.

    It’s not the brand of the watch that makes the wearer discriminating, it is the specifics of the timepiece that will separate the connoisseur from the poser. Let’s face it, anyone can lease a car…

    1. Zoli Erdos

      Should I even admit I don’t even like Panerai? Or Rolex, for that matter. Way, way back I splurged on a Tag Heuer Sports Elegance, which I now consider youthful exuberance:-)

      Oh, and shouldn’t our sales guy want a Tesla nowadays? Or is it strictly for CEOs?

  2. Jeff Nolan

    There are a couple of Rolex models I would covet, and all symbolism aside they are arguably some of the best examples of watchmaking.