I Want My Mobile TV

This study falls under “stating the obvious” but it is interesting nonetheless for 2 reasons, the mobile component and broadband/TV convergence.

Nearly half of Internet users would be interested in watching TV on their netbooks, cellphones and other devices, according to a new study set to be released Wednesday by a coalition of public and private broadcasters.

[From We Want Our TV Mobile, Study Says – Digits – WSJ]

If I could get reasonable quality television content on my iPhone (or Droid or Pre or Blackberry or whatever) of course I would want it. I love games on my phone for the same reason, it’s occupies my attention when I have downtime. While not my preferred device for enjoying games or television, my phone is convenient and accessible.

On the convergence topic, I recently bought a new Samsung LED flat panel and Samsung Bluray player for my home and with these two products I see first hand how the internet is shaping future viewing behaviors. Both have ethernet connections and while the flat panel uses this currently for firmware updates there is no reason why content could not be piped through this connection with a simple upgrade.

The Bluray player, on the other hand, uses the broadband connection to deliver content from Blockbuster and Netflix on demand services, Pandora, and Youtube. All of these content platforms are drop dead simple to set up using the on screen guide and the result is a really cool convergence experience that seamlessly moves you from satellite/broadcast to DVD to streaming.

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