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2 responses to “Recording versus Experiencing”

  1. Donnie

    Reminds me of John Mayer’s song “3×5”. And there’s something to be said for sometimes leaving the tech behind and just enjoying the moment. Like anything useful or pleasurable or good, it can become a problem if it consumes us more than it should. Still, we shouldn’t have to stop recording life’s moments to enjoy life’s moments. It can’t be impossible to do both – especially today when, as you’ve pointed out, it’s so quick and easy to record. We’ve even found ways to make the recording part of the experience – searching together for particularly interesting shots or places for creative poses and such. We’ve also noticed that most of our pictures come early in the adventure and as we explore we get more immersed in the environment and less in the recording of it. Your mileage may vary.

  2. John Taschek

    There’s an interesting article in the NY Times about social networking in the 1600s – – coffee houses – yes, those fomenters of rebellion and attention issues.

    Thanks for the comments – we should enjoy the moments. Technology allows many of those experiences to happen. Technology can also get in the way — but I believe people who were susceptible to distraction stay that way and that people who live in the moments embrace them.