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CMO at SecureAuth Corporation. Previously VP Marketing at NowSecure, Knurld, Ping Identity, VP Business Develoment at Get Satisfaction, CEO at Teqlo and General Partner at SAP Ventures.

2 responses to “Google+ Turns 2: How Hangouts Completely Changed My Work Routines”

  1. Andreas

    For security reasons, i.e. because the NSA copies and stores absolutely everything that’s said and done via Google, Google Hangouts but also of course other online services, in many companies it’s not allowed to discuss anything via the Internet. Because of PRISM this notion is going to increase and I fear less and less people are willing to take this risk.

  2. Allan roger

    Google+ hangouts is an excellent tool for social interactions. For business meetings, I need more security; hence I have switched over to RHUB web conferencing appliances. It works from behind my company’s firewall.