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Founder, Managing Principal, The 56 Group, LLC, author of several best-selling books, including CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers, but most importantly known as the Grandfather of CRM.

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  2. oscar

    Great article Paul. I believe that many firms often overlook the customer experience. As you stated, the experience is short term and may consist of a couple phone calls or emails. Customers are what make a firm grow; without clients, a firm cannot operate. So why aren’t firms putting more effort towards the customer experience? The engagement process happens, as you stated, by making the customer want to interact with that company; the customer will engage with a company as long as they are having their needs met. Firms must to everything they can to meet the needs of their clients, therefore the customer experience must be the number one priority. That short-term customer experience is what eventually produces life long customers. Firms need to realize this and act on it before it is too late. I believe the first step is to invest in a good CRM system. The current CRM platform I am using is GreenRope and I use them because of the many features they have integrated in their software and also because they believe in the importance of the customer experience. They provide world-class customer support and their platform includes many features that other platforms do not include. Firms have to put a bigger emphasis on the customer experience if they wish to expand their market and be successful.

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