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SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development at Cornerstone OnDemand. Previously SVP Knowledge Infusion, Research Director, Yankee Group. Often quoted as an industry expert in human capital management, Jason's research has been featured in leading publications including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CIO magazine.

2 responses to “Bridging the Great Divide in HR — Between Compliance and Engagement”

  1. Kevin Grauman

    Traditionally, legacy systems were designed (in large part) to tackle compliance obligations. With the recent proliferation of the social media landscape (and its infiltration into the workplace) it has become next to impossible to manage the HR world with the “old-iron” … great food for though, Jason!

  2. Empower Software Solutions

    […] superior opportunities Enterprise Irregulars stated that education and comprehension can pose significant issues for organizations trying to remain on the right side of compliance without losing engagement from their workers. […]