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8 responses to “Still Searching for a Reliable Pay-As-You-Go Internet Fax Service”

  1. DrCheap

    OneSuite has a solid and very usable fax-only option that is dirt cheap.

  2. Jen Udan

    There actually IS a pay as you go fax service–! We review it here: Also TopTenReviews, while good, is not the only comparison site that shows valuable information. I represent, which shows a much more comprehensive list of all of the major internet fax providers offering services. Check it out!

  3. ZXT

    Dr. Cheap is right. has a fax service that’s really cheap its almost free.

    Onesuite has $1/month unlimited incoiming fax service. So whether you get 1 or 1000 faxes a month, you still just pay $1 monthly.

    If you need to send out one out too then the fax plus service is $2.95/month, again all incoming fax are free. Outbound per page rates depends on where you send your fax. It’s 2.5c to US numbers and 1.9c to Canada. Different rates to other countries but usually its under 3 cents per page.

    Here’s the website ->

  4. Ron

    Zoli you are not alone. Infact, the industry is ignoring a pretty large niche of customers who only occasionally need an email fax service. Here is my simple ‘wish list’ based strictly on ‘pay-per-use’:

    -assigned fax number for incoming faxes
    -send faxes via email to site’s fax gateway
    -receive faxes via email from site’s fax gateway
    -*No* monthly fee
    -Pay only when I use the service

    Simple! My only hope is Google, Yahoo, or some other behemoth will enter this space and fill the void for existing customers.

  5. Curtis

    Been looking for a good pay-per-use fax service for a loooong time. Found PamFax on this ( page and it looks like a winner. Tried the free 3 page fax before I signed up for some credits. The Windows client worked really nicely with one small glitch. OK for me, but I’ll need to solve it if I’m going to get my wife to use it.

    I’ve used a lot of the other services, eFax, FaxZero, and another one a few years ago. This one looks promising (fingers crossed).

  6. rushin2

    If anyone recently is looking into the options outlined in above post:

    no monthly fee
    fax number
    reasonable rates
    i-phone, MAC, Windows integration (apps) is the way to go.

    Save your time on searching – I had to deep-dive on Internet to find what I’ve been looking for.

  7. Sheila Siegel is a true pay as you go worldwide outgoing fax site. The site is very simple to use, and rates are very cheap. You don’t need a subscription or any downloaded software. It’s all run off the website.

  8. Bob Good

    The services offered in the original article don’t use a secure server. I found payperfax which requires a login and operates on a secure server. There is a nominal charge, but .75 for the first page and .40 for subsequent pages is a good deal. Most of my faxes are usually to a government office or college and just a couple of pages.