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Global Vice President & Business Leader - Digital Experience & Marketing, Collaboration, Content and Social lines of business for HCL Technologies. He has led international teams and initiatives for large enterprises and leveraging digital technologies to create change, focused on enabling new client experiences, creating new customer markets, & fragmenting markets to destroy existing value chains, by working with clients to shift value within and across industries, change the nature of industry control points, & redefine how work is done.

One response to “How Much Information & Overload Phenomenon!”

  1. ZXT

    Wow those stats are really amazing. Some of the words like Zeta are very new to me. So is that a couple of notch higher than Tera?

    Well for one thing I spend about 9 hours on a computer and internet a day. Thats about 50 percent of my waking hours. Maybe half of that are spend on reading and consuming all these information around.