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One response to “Feedly Progress Report: Not So Good”

  1. @feedly

    Hi Bob,

    This is Edwin from feedly.

    Sorry for the frustration.

    The crashing is really related to the webview crashing when trying to load websites which are not optimized for mobile. There is not much we can do that. This happens mostly on earlier generation of iPad which did not have a lot of RAM.

    I will try to see if there is something we can to do not mark the article as read in case of crash.

    Please note that both feedly mobile and feedly desktop have a recently read collection which shows the list of article you have recently read. That list should allow you to go back to the last article you were reading.

    The funds from feedly pro is allowing us to focus on improving the products and accelerating innovation. Expect feedly to get continuously better over the next 12 months!