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One response to “Gartner’s Mobile App Store Forecast Predicts $26B in Sales, 102B Downloads in 2013”

  1. Ara ohanian (@aohanian)

    This study puts flesh on the bones of something we all know to be true: that mobile is a growing part of our daily working life. But, what Gartner calls “apps” doesn’t cover the whole story of mobile tools and the shift away from desktop. For example, Google’s suite of products eg Google Docs enables a tremendous amount of cloud based productive work but doesn’t require application downloads (although Google also has technologies it calls “apps”). An additional thought: predicting growth in a field like this is very difficult. Gartner’s done a great job, but I would question whether anyone can estimate the free/paid split in downloads for the future. The issue? As online cloud-based work becomes the norm, I would expect the paid-for share of the apps market to increase not decrease as businesses and consumers become more accustomed to paying for tools and developers realise that the early gold rush days of the market are well behind them.