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Well-known expert on why IT projects fail, CEO of Asuret, a Brookline, MA consultancy that uses specialized tools to measure and detect potential vulnerabilities in projects, programs, and initiatives. Also a popular and prolific blogger, writing the IT Project Failures blog for ZDNet.

One response to “Accenture: CIOs must embrace digital transformation”

  1. Becky Waller Bausman

    Great post, and amen! It was Accenture, in fact, who published a terrific report on the CMO and CIO Disconnect happening in enterprise cultures today, underscoring the criticality of CIOs understanding CMO priorities and roles, and vice versa, better to the benefit of strategy and execution across the company. I layered on an argument that growth-stage start-ups need to be paying attention to this now as they build their organization, even before it feels relevant in the case that they don’t yet HAVE a CMO or CIO (link below). Your points raised here hold equally true in that respect. Thanks for a good piece of advice here.