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Well-known expert on why IT projects fail, CEO of Asuret, a Brookline, MA consultancy that uses specialized tools to measure and detect potential vulnerabilities in projects, programs, and initiatives. Also a popular and prolific blogger, writing the IT Project Failures blog for ZDNet.

2 responses to “The Machiavellian CIO: Morality versus reality”

  1. Chuck Van Court


    I found your piece to be very well written and thought provoking. Thanks.

    Human nature for us all is to consciously or subconsciously lean towards making decisions that are in the best interests of number one. To do otherwise takes a more holistic view of our decisions and commitment to uphold one’s core values, being diligent to not succumb to natural rationalizations that in our core we even don’t believe. In the end, and as you have stated in your article, it pays to do the right thing in business, and certainly is fundamental to the peace or lack thereof we will experience when we eventually leave this physical world.

    I also found the piece on “cultivating a constructive mindset” to be spot on and vital for good decision making at any level. That is why I believe the unwillingness of most “influencers” to constructively engage and challenge one another and others in public online threads to be very self-serving and significantly adverse to the true potential this knowledge sharing could provide to the people (buyers) they are influencing and ultimately to the “influencers” themselves. You don’t know how many times I have been told by well-known people that they have nothing to gain by engaging in the details or debating with other “influencers.” This would certainly change if they thought more about who they are supposed to be influencing and helping and less about themselves and the vendors paying most of their their bills. Please, don’t get me wrong. I respect and like many “infuencers” and believe that very few if any are bad or unscrupulous people, but rather they are just being normal humans.

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