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Co-Founder and CEO of EchoSign from inception through tens of millions in cash-flow positive SaaS revenue and acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc. Jason then served as Vice President, Web Services at Adobe, where EchoSign was named the most successful acquisition of 2011-12, posting 199% YoY growth.

One response to “Want Happy Customers? Implement the 5-Visits-Plus-2-Badges Rule. For Your Customer Success Team — And You.”

  1. Frank Nurock

    Thanks for the interesting read Jason.

    Personal touch still matters, you can say that again, the time you invest shows you really care.

    It’s a moderately broad accuracy that people want to be admired and acknowledged. Allocating time with someone else, whether that’s in person, face-to-face on a computer screen, or, if all else fails, via a phone call, is one of the best ways to convey these things. Bottom line, a contribution of time says, “While there are many other things I *could *be doing, I’m choosing to spend my time with you. That’s how important I think you are!”

    Minutes and hours spent with another person have the power to create a bond that money can’t buy.