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SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development at Cornerstone OnDemand. Previously SVP Knowledge Infusion, Research Director, Yankee Group. Often quoted as an industry expert in human capital management, Jason's research has been featured in leading publications including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CIO magazine.

5 responses to “The Employee ‘User Experience’ Needs an Upgrade”

  1. Frank Nurock

    I’s more critical than ever for corporations to have cheerful and productive staff members. When employees are devoted and committed in the orginzation, earnings are more. When employees feel uninspired or unmotivated, the company hurts. Also investigations have shown that committed employees have fewer sick days, achieve better, and are more supportive of changes and pleased to make them arise.

    Thanks for the interesting read.

  2. Haim Toeg

    Jason – I think you are missing a key part in this story. No user experience analysis starts with the customer signing a contract, rather, it starts much earlier, in marketing, with the sales organization or via a website and so on. Similarly, the employee experience should start with recruiting the best candidates, which is where many companies fail systematically. The vast majority boast of hiring “top talent” but the way they conduct their posting, recruitment and hiring process leaves much to be desired.

    Only when companies have much better way to track their recruitment funnel, analyze lost candidates, investigate the reasons for employee departures, and then work to fix their recruitment problems in the same way any self respecting sales executive does will the employee experience start to change materially. Until then you can give HR a better system, but it will not change the situation greatly.

  3. Gavin

    I think you’ve got this right Jason. HR systems offer some of the worst user interfaces – experiences we’d never tolerate as ‘customers’. Often the result is that employees avoid or reluctantly use the system – not so good for engaging L&D, internal comms and other purposes.

  4. Luis Alberola

    Yes, Jason, Employee Experience is a key challenge for corporations in the eyar to come. Actually, building the right employee experience will amount to building a key competitive asset for your company, to be leveraged in the talent wars, but also in the productivity and innovation fronts.
    Another idea, social technology is a great way to bring HR into this issue
    We work on that topic at Atelya in Montreal :

  5. Suparna Rao

    Good Read ! Mobile is fast becoming an integral part of the an employee’s overall “user experience”. It enhances productivity, team bonding and collaboration.
    Businesses need to establish a mobile strategy that takes into account enterprise social apps ..something that leverages the power of the smartphone wielding employee. Here is a blog we wrote on this –