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Brian is one of the titans of the technology services arena with more than 25 years experience in the field, 10 of which were served as Senior Director of Andersen Consulting's (now Accenture's) global Software Intelligence unit.

3 responses to “The battle in HR software: software for corporations or persons?”

  1. Bala


    Am glad that you’ve shared a people centric perspective to HR Technology.

    While this perspective makes perfect people sense, Wanted to challenge you if it makes a business sense, from Tech Buyers perspective.

    HR Technology predominantly addresses the administrative needs of HR operations. So, it serves the needs of HR office and employees to run the office.

    Of course, there could be gaps. But, is it affecting the bottomline?. Is there a clear, marketable ROI to take this people-centric approach?


  2. brians7364

    Bala –
    PERSON-based products can be monetized and can become money-makers. Yes, they will take a different path to revenue creation than a traditional corporate-based solution, but it happens. LinkedIn is monetizing its solution (see above). Facebook and Google are also doing so via the sale of advertising and information that facilitates a third parties sales.

  3. Frank Nurock

    Across organizations, CIO’s, CTO’s and HR Directors are using technology to conceive a completely contrasting future, both in terms of how they perform and in terms of how they engage their workforce and customers. But, so far, things haven’t moved as quickly at work. Changing entrenched methods, infrastructure and ingrained behaviors in a business setting is especially challenging.

    Thanks for the read Brian, very interesting.