Ring Ring Ring

It’s that time of year, the bell ringing red kettle and a plea for generosity to help those, an increasing number sadly, less fortunate than us.

Please consider clicking on the Red Kettle in the sidebar or clicking on this link to make a small donation to the Salvation Army, an organization that has been doing good work since 1865. This Christmas season is seeing more burdens than usual put on those who rely on organizations like the Salvation Army while at the same time these same organizations are struggling to raise enough money to provide services to those in need. It is critical that all of us dig into our wallet to find that extra $5, $10 or $20 that can be used to provide food, clothing and shelter.

Thanks in advance, I’ve been a lifelong supporter of the Salvation Army and to be able to use my blog as a venue to channel donations is something that is in itself a great gift for me.

Personal fundraising widget for 2009 Red Kettle campaign

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