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2 responses to “California’s High Speed Pipe Dream Revisited”

  1. conservative87

    I would pay twice what it costs to fly now, the airlines know this. That is why the airlines are working very hard trying to stop the train that has left the station. I would very gladly avoid the cattle treatment at any airport if I am traveling less than 1000 miles. For a two hr flight it takes about 6 hrs to drive to the airport, pay the high parking costs, stay in line at security checks, fly like sardines, get stuck in the tarmac, wait for your lost luggage, pay a taxi to get you downtown where you are going. I would like to avoid most of that, even if I pay twice as much. Now the flight costs is the least of my expenses when I fly. So stop pushing the airlines as a viable future,

  2. jeff Nolan

    Imagine how efficient airports and regional air travel would be if we directed the $50+ billion high speed rail will cost to remaking our air travel infrastructure? How about building out mass transit to connect to airports… SFO finally has BART but if you live on the Peninsula like I do it is not an option.

    The is not viable in California because the passenger numbers required to make it financially viable are impossible, and it is nothing but cynicism on the part of Sacramento in that they know it. They are projecting annual passenger traffic that exceeds what the entire Amtrak system carries annually in the U.S., including the very busy northeast corridor. How is that possible? It’s not, but career politicians understand that once something is built it will have to be supported even if taxpayers are milked in the process.

    You can dream about paying 2x what it costs to travel on this white elephant but in the end you will probably pay closer to 5x when taxes and actual passenger fees are taken into account. Ordinarily I would say “hey it’s your bed so you lie in it” but the problem here is that the zeal for this financial disaster on rails among the minority (which is what it is because when the polls include questions about the financial costs the support plummets) obscures the fact that you are taking the rest of us down with you. I have to pay for this system… my children and grandchildren will be paying for it… and the promised benefits are pure fantasy.

    This system won’t be as fast as proponents say, it will cost far more than has been projected and debt service costs are rarely, if ever talked about, and for passengers the ticket prices will far exceed any rational persons view of what is fair. Good luck with that.