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CEO at Kahuna, a cross-channel marketing automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to engage and convert consumers on the right device at the right time. Kahuna is trusted by modern digital products such as Dollar Shave Club, Yelp, GoPro and others. Prior to Kahuna, Sameer was SVP for Enterprise Social and Collaborative Software in SAP/ SuccessFactors cloud business unit. Sameer has been cited in publications such as CNBC Business, The New York Times, and Forbes on high performing organizations, leadership, and trends in enterprise software.

One response to “Problem Sizing”

  1. Grant Gibbs

    Hello Sameer
    Thank you for highlighting this story.
    For clarity sake, Cynthia worked with us at “Hippo Water Roller” for 18 months (2007 to 2009) promoting and learning the details of the Hippo roller before we terminated all association with her.
    Her WaterWheel is her own version of the original water wheel idea invented by two other South Africans, Pettie Petzer & Johan Jonker, in 1991.
    You are welcome to visit our website: or contact us directly to verify any information or questions you may have.