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Global VP and Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP. Previously independent analyst focusing on the Internet of Things, Energy and CleanTech, Analyst for RedMonk, leading their GreenMonk practice. Co-founder and director of hyper energy-efficient data center Cork Internet eXchange. Tom serves on the Advisory Boards of SmartCities World and

2 responses to “Lifx’s Internet of Things connected bulb, the good and the not-so good”

  1. JJ

    You clearly have never used the Phillips Hue if you’re recommending it over LIFX.

  2. Steve

    Not sure why JJ says you’ve “clearly” never used the Hue to recommend it — it has 4 stars on Amazon with over 200 reviews. So some people must like it, even if JJ’s had a bad experience. It’s possible he’s referring to the low lumen output of the Hue, which seems to me it wouldn’t be an adequate replacement for a 60-watt incandescent. It does, however, consumer about half the energy of the LIFX.