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3 responses to “Can Smart Meters Succeed on Closed Standards?”

  1. Ralph Florosian

    Jeff, crawl, walk, run. Technology grows incrementally, just as the credit card technology you reference did. This will be no different. They’ll get the meters out there, and then the bells and whistles will come.

  2. Mtrs

    One correction. SilverSpring Network uses proprietary protocols for the transport of the meter information from the home back to the PGE head end system.
    Is the issue here about the Price of the product or is the actual usage reported incorrect.

  3. Kyle Arteaga

    We completely agree with your assessment that customers need to glean the benefits of smart meters before they can be asked to completely buy into the concept. And we also agree that the differentiation takes place in the back office.

    Our customers on our Energy Engage product are able to view their usage in via the web, and also are able to get notifications via email or text when they hit a pre-set threshold.

    There is no reason why customers like yourself shouldn’t have these capabilities.