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Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd, formerly Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC where his group covered CRM, EA, PPM, PLM, SCM, cloud and SaaS, pricing and licensing, and software partners, channels and alliances.

3 responses to “Moving Beyond Application Silos”

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  2. TechYogJosh

    Were you the same guys or companies you worked for who touted the earlier “module-based” application development? Now you are saying something you (or your fraternity) preached is the cause of trouble? Now you are saying something else totally which going ahead will create further problems and you will speak something totally opposite then. So basically to keep your gas burner running and earning your salary, you keep talking random opposite things time to time rather than helping buyers. As deep inside you know if technology becomes simplified you will be out of your job.

  3. Mike Richardson

    I think that complete business processes are ideal in the short term – but you are then dependent on that software provider for the future of your business’ needs. The integration of separate applications may have its issues, primary of which is the creation of silos, but I firmly believe it’s what software vendors should be doing in order to provide a broader, more advanced and more comprehensive range of options for companies.

    Mike Richardson
    Maximizer CRM