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One response to “Let’s Try Another Verse of Your SaaS Company Does Not Need a Sales Force”

  1. Bruce Cleveland

    Bob: I look at it slightly different. If you are selling a more complex product – business application software, for example, it is likely to have a higher cost – because it takes more to create it and support it – and require an explanation of how it works and can help the buyer.

    For these types of products, they typically need a sales function in place to address the myriad questions a buyer might have.

    For commodity products, there is less need for a sales function — or only a need for a light sales touch. Most commodity products are well understood by buyers and they need less information to make a buying decision.

    I agree that price can be a factor in whether or not a sales force needs to be in place but there are many other factors to consider: competition, complexity, etc.