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Global VP and Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP. Previously independent analyst focusing on the Internet of Things, Energy and CleanTech, Analyst for RedMonk, leading their GreenMonk practice. Co-founder and director of hyper energy-efficient data center Cork Internet eXchange. Tom serves on the Advisory Boards of SmartCities World and

2 responses to “Technology is completely revolutionising the healthcare industry”

  1. The Data Analysis Group

    Hi Tom
    Thanks for a good article. Not only are these changes occurring at a high level of large corporations and powerful systems, but they are also starting to happen at a grass-roots level to.

    Its June 2014 as I write this and for the first time this year, we are getting requests to quote / winning jobs to run analytics in small medical practices / emergency rooms. The main focus of these projects is to provide cheaper, but better care. And whilst we do achieve these goals, there is always the lingering question if patient care is being compromised?

    In some cases, the changes in healthcare through analytics may be truly revolutionary, but in others, it will be brutal. As analysts, we have a responsibility to get this balance right.

    All the best, James.

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