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Esteban Kolsky is the founder and principal of thinkJar, a Customer Strategy consulting and think tank organization helping vendors and user successfully become better, more open, and more collaborative organizations. More information about thinkJar

One response to “Oracle’s Approach Makes Sense (But It Sucks)”

  1. Chuck Van Court

    Hi Esteban:

    I generally agree with your assessment about Oracle and wholeheartedly agree with your “Caveat Emptor” at the end of your post, but I would expand it to say “do your own %$%$ analysis and quit giving so much weight to what vendors and influencers are telling you.”

    With very rare exception, every company absolutely has to have some degree of accessibility with the cloud, some need to get pretty close to wide-open, but the best way to securely meet every company’s cloud accessibility needs are not universally answered by running in the “public cloud” on infrastructure owned and controlled by someone else.

    Speaking of security, saying that “cloud-based security has been proven to be more secure than any other method time and again” is a massive and unsubstantiated leap, especially when only referring to a study of questionable statistical validity from a source with clear potential biases.

    It’s great that you had the balls to question Oracle. It would be nice to see this type of open and candid discussion, so beneficial to technology buyers and ultimately end-consumers, extend to include any and all vendors and any and all influencers and analysts. Let’s quit protecting all the “sacred cows” and start focusing on working together to accomplish real value.