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Founder & CXO of Agile Elephant, a digital transformation consultancy and solutions provider. Head of D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting and Cloud based solutions for content, collaboration, web publishing, online accounting and ERP. Was director EuroCloud UK, chaired techUK's Software as a Service Group, now Chair of Cloud Industry Forum.

4 responses to “Book review: SAP Nation — a must read for CIOs enterprise software watchers”

  1. TechYogJosh

    So is this you call me Haji I will call you Haji? Friends eulogizing each other and their great work. Well the book is published now and must be sold. Whatever be the credentials of the author, does not matter. How much noise the book can create through social media and friendly referrals, will decide its fate. Why should anyone read what a large software vendor has done or doing? Why is this important? They may feel aghast, shortchanged, frustrated, illuminated about SAP. But what is the end outcome? To fell “I know more” or “I can use some of this in business”? It certainly sounds like the former. Good for beer table talks of random low self-esteemed CIOs than anything meaningful.

  2. David Terrar

    First, you only know I’m Vinnie’s friend because I quite rightly disclosed that in my review. Second, I take your inference that I’m only publishing a positive review because he’s a friend as an insult to my integrity, and it’s an insult to any reputable blogger or journalist who expresses opinion alongside a disclosure of a friend or customer like that. Admittedly the standards are a lot more difficult to uphold in a world where anyone can publish their thoughts or a rant to the worlld in a few seconds, but go and check through my archive of posts on this site going back the the start of this site in 2006 to figure out if my voice and reputation have any credibility in the enterprise software space.

    It’s quite clear that you haven’t read the book – please respond if I’ve got that wrong.

    You ask why you should read this book. I’ve been operating, originally as an implementer but mostly on the sales and marketing side, in the field of enterprise business software since the late 70s. SAP have grown to be a major force in that field since I first met them in the 80s, the business system most likely to be used by a large enterprise, the company that is most likely one of your top 3 competitors if you sell software in this field. The whole premise of Vinnie’s book is that the size of the customer base and the associated ecosystem has created a huge economy in its own right. If you are interested in enterprise software and technology in any way then this is a must read, with lots of useful case studies. Plenty to learn from in terms of reason for failures, trends and successes.

    By the way, if you go over to Amazon you’ll see a version of this review and the fact that I have given it 4, not 5 stars (sorry Vinnie!). Must read, very good – that’s my opinion.

  3. Vinnie Mirchandani

    TechYogJosh, it is striking how many you have managed to target with your comment

    a) David – glad he responded above. This is my fourth book. To my knowledge, this is the first one David has written a lengthy review on. The Enterprise Irregulars, that we are both part of, have over 50 blogger members. I offered each of them a preview copy of the book. Several took advantage but only a few like David have written reviews. We are respectful but fiercely independent of each other
    b) SAP CIOs – The book profiles 30 of the best and brightest CIOs in SAP world. There is much to learn from them. BTW SAP CIOs spend $ 200 billion a year as the book elaborates. . So “low esteem” as you call them hardly seems appropriate
    c) You ask about my credentials. If you have not read the book, at least check out for free the first few pages on the Look Inside feature on the Amazon book page at In the Preface you will see my 25 years of SAP experience and the extensive research that went into the book
    d) By Hajis, I presume you are referring the sacred Muslin pilgrimage. Why invoke that in a technology forum?

    Please read the book and I would be happy to discuss any specific comments you may have.

  4. David Terrar (@DT)

    Cheers Vinnie – agree with all you say. This guy TechYogJosh hasn’t given us a link to a website so effectively anonymous – wonder what he has to hide?

    I did do a review of New Polymath somewhere or on Amazon maybe (can’t remember), but my review was a while after the flurry of publication and launch activities. I remember you did a great stint at one of our EuroCloud UK meetings! Anyhow, glad I could be in the advanced guard this time around.