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3 responses to “The Coming Green Sprawl”

  1. re:place Magazine

    […] Builders face higher charges [Calgary Herald] INTERNATIONAL Copenhagen [Stephen Rees's blog] The Coming Green Sprawl [Enterprise Irregulars] Hanoi’s ‘tube’ dwellers vow to stay in ancient quarter […]

  2. Casey Verdant

    Sen. Feinstein’s bill to create Mojave Desert monuments ruins the prospect of subtle, non-invasive solar projects on federal lands. Solar farms could easily and inoffensively be placed on these lands without affecting native species.

    If you’re interested in solar energy or any other alternative energies, check out It has hundreds of case studies on emerging green technology and solar power. It’s also the largest b2b green directory on the web.

  3. a robot, i am not | Renewable Energy Won’t Save Us

    […] are also highly land intensive. A recent article on The Enterprise Irregulars covers the issue of the coming Green Sprawl which will devastate the carrying capacity of our ecosystem to support humans. CO2 emission […]