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VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. Dion focuses on the topics of digital engagement, customer experience, enterprise collaboration, digital workplace, digital transformation, social business, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), open business models, and next-generation enterprises. His thought leadership can be found on ZDNet, On Web Strategy, Constellation Research, ebizQ.

4 responses to “What Are the Required Skills for Today’s Digital Workforce?”

  1. Jane McConnell

    Excellent article, Dion! Thanks for taking the time to pull together all these good sources and to give us a meaningful narrative. This will certainly help bring sense for a lot of people about the changes happening today and the impact of digital. Of course, digital impacts and digital is impacted. That would be another good article!

  2. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Rose

    Great digest of your insights, Dion!

    Maybe it’s a bit off topic, but I’d like to add emotional intelligence aka EQ as a required (or prerequisite) skill. I’m aware that this is far from being “digital”, but I think it’s still highly underrated as compared to IQ. Nevertheless one will be lost without EQ when trying to establish and maintain virtual relationships in networks, and being open, transparent, engaging, leading… or having the network do the work. We don’t necessarily have to turn everything upside down as in “hire for culture, train for skill”, but in my opinion there’s more to it.


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