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Well-known CRM analyst and thought leader, Denis has made contributions to our thinking about cloud computing, CRM, social media, analytics and mobility. He runs the Beagle Research Group, LLC and is the author of "Solve for the Customer", "You Can't Buy Customer Loyalty, But You Can Earn It", and recently, "The Age of Sustainability". He frequently contributes to this and other outlets. Check out, and

2 responses to “CPQ’s Time to Shine”

  1. Mitesh Sura

    Nice article Denis. CPQ is very strong market. With so many variations in pricing, geography, discount, almost all product/service company will need some kind of CPQ solution to help their sales team.

    While Apttus, StealBrick are good solutions may not fit needs of SMB.s There are many other good plug-and-play solutions on AppExchange as well. To name few:

    1. Product Bundles and Quote PDF by GoCloudz (Rated 5 stars, 50+ reviews) –

    2. PROS (Rated 4 stars, 40+ reviews ) –

    3. Callidus (Rated 4 stars, 20+ reviews ) –


  2. Amit

    Great Article Denis. CPQ is really a fast growing area and we have seen tremendous growth in last few years for our apps CPQ/Product Bundle (kits) & Quote PDF on Appexchange.

    Thanks Mitesh for mentioning our apps.